Cinchoo – Configuration framework, part 23

Passing Configuration FilePath Programmatically

UPDATED: In this topic, I’m going to show you how to pass configuration object filepath programmatically. Cinchoo framework addresses this feature through IChoConfigurationParametersOverridable¬†interface. When you define a configuration object, implement this interface as below to override the configuration file path.

public class ApplicationSettings : ChoConfigurableObject
    [ChoPropertyInfo("path", DefaultValue = @"C:\")]
    public string Path;

    [ChoPropertyInfo("OS", DefaultValue = "Windows")]
    public string OS;

    protected override void OverrideMetaDataInfo(ChoBaseConfigurationMetaDataInfo metaDataInfo)
        ChoStandardConfigurationMetaDataInfo info = metaDataInfo as ChoStandardConfigurationMetaDataInfo;
        info.ConfigFilePath = @"C:\Test\ApplicationSettings.xml";

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