Cinchoo – Command Line Argument Parser, Part 13

Inside Command Line Argument Parser – Load from file

In some cases, if you have multiple large, complex sets of command-line arguments that you want to run multiple times, Cinchoo framework provides a way to load the command line arguments from a file.

1. Add a reference to Cinchoo.Core.dll

2. Namespace: Cinchoo.Core.Shell

Let say you create a file c:\CmdLine.txt with the below command line arguments

N:{100+50} /I -O:C:\Log -D:%NOW%

Sample Command Line object below,

[ChoCommandLineArgObject(ApplicationName = "Hello World", Copyright = "Copyright (c) Cinchoo Inc.")]
public class MyCommandLineArgObject : ChoCommandLineArgObject
    [ChoCommandLineArg("D", DefaultValue = "%NOW%", Description = "Business Date.", ShortName = "Today")]
    public DateTime Today

    [ChoCommandLineArg("N", DefaultValue = "100", Description = "No of spaces for a TAB.")]
    public int Count

    [ChoCommandLineArg("I", DefaultValue = false, FallbackValue = true, Description = "Include Sub directory.")]
    public bool IncludeSubDir

    [ChoCommandLineArg("O", IsRequired = true, Description = "Output Directory.")]
    public string OutFolder

If the application containing above type executed with the below command line arguments (Please note, the file is been passed with @ symbol.)


When creating instance of MyCommandLineArgObject as below,

MyCommandLineArgObject commandLineArgObject = new MyCommandLineArgObject();

And run the application, the commandLineArgObject will contain the below values

Hello World [Version]
Copyright (c) Cinchoo Inc.

-- Cinchoo.Core.CommandLineArgs.Test.MyCommandLineArgObject Dump --
Today: 1/6/2012 12:32:00 PM
Count: 150
IncludeSubDir: True
OutFolder: C:\Log

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